Southeast Portland Little League

Fall Ball



The Fall Ball program is designed for fun and additional opportunities to play to prepare for the next spring season and advancement to the next level of play. We recommend that players play in the division they plan to play the following spring. A perk of Fall Ball is that there are no league boundaries. Players from different leagues can sign up and play together, and players from other programs are welcome to play and check out Little League.


 Subject to player interest and the availability of coaches, we will field teams in the following divisions:


 Baseball (boys and girls):


Tee Ball (League Age 4-5)

Rookie Division (League Age (5-6)

Farm Division (League Age 6-8)

Minor Division (League Age 8-9)

Major Division (League Age 9-11)

Intermediate Division (50/70) (League Age 11-13)


Softball (girls):

Farm Division (League Age 6-8)

Minor/Major Division (League Age 8-11)


NOTE: A player’s “League Age” in Fall Ball is the same as it was the prior spring, regardless of a player’s actual age.

Team Formation:

We will create teams as many teams as we have enough coaches and players.  Where we can't fill a complete team, we will combine with another neighboring league.


Games are played on Sundays to avoid conflicts and allow players to participate in other sports. Games will start in the beginning of September (usually the first Sunday after Labor Day) and will run about eight weeks. Teams in the Major Division and above may play doubleheaders.


Games will played at various fields within our district.


Practices are up to each team's manager, but most will practice about one time per week. Coaches may provide additional opportunities to practice, but they should be considered optional.

Coaches and Umpires: Fall Ball is also a great time for parents considering the idea of managing (the head coach) and coaching. Current coaches often move up with their kids, which leaves openings that need to be filled. It is also a low-stress opportunity to gain experience as an umpire.

Playing Rules: Little League Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Policies apply with the following modifications:

 Minor, Major and Intermediate (50/70) Divisions:

  • All games have a 2 hour time limit regardless of score.
  • No new inning may start after 1 hour and 50 minutes from the scheduled start time.
  • All teams must use a continuous batting roster, meaning that the entire roster of players present must be placed in the batting order.
  • No uninjured player may be kept on the bench for more than one consecutive inning in any game unless requested by the player or the player's parent.
  • Five run limit per inning, except the sixth or last inning which will be open.
  • Ten run rule is in effect.
  • If no umpire is present, the defensive coach acts as the umpire from behind the pitcher's mound.

Rookie and Farm Divisions:

  • All games have a 90 minute time limit.
  • Innings end after 3 outs or 5 run, whichever occurs first.
  • No official or unofficial scores may be kept.
  • All teams must use a continuous batting roster, meaning that the entire roster of players present must be placed in the batting order.
  • All players present must play in the field every inning.
  • Batters may not walk or strike out. To keep the pace of play moving, if the batter does not put the ball in play after three or four pitches, have the batter hit the ball from a tee.
  • Runners may not lead off or steal and must stay in contact with their base until the batter hits the ball. Runners may not advance by stealing or on wild pitches/passed balls.
  • Any runner between two bases after a hit ball must stop at the next base when the ball is in control in the infield. If a defensive player attempts to make a play on a runner and the ball is thrown away, the runner may not advance further than the next base.

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