Southeast Portland Little League

Intermediate (50/70) Baseball Rules


The Official Little League Rules and Regulations for Baseball Divisions apply. Oregon District #2 has adopted the following supplemental rules.



There are no time limits. A regulation game consists of 7 innings. (LL Rules, 4.10(a)) To be a legal game, a minimum of 5 innings must be played, or 4 1/2 if the home team is ahead. Managers and coaches must do their best to ensure the flow of the game is not impeded so as to keep the length of games to a reasonable time.  




During the first half of the season, there will be a five run limit each inning for the first four innings. 



Teams have the option of using a continuous batting order, known as "roster batting." If a team is using "roster batting," the manager must declare this to the other team's manager and scorekeeper before the start of the game. (LL Rules, 2.0, Batting Order; 4.04, Note 1, Note 2)




Use of Major Division baseball bats is not allowed. Click here for information on bats.



Balks will be treated as an educational opportunity. Therefore, pitchers and managers will be given warnings and educated on what happened/how to correct whenever a balk situation occurs. If after multiple attempts to educate the pitcher seems to not be effective, or is determined to be dangerous to a player, a balk will be called by the umpire and penalties enforced. It is up to the umpire when the penalty should be enforced.


Metal Cleats


Players may wear metal cleats except on the following fields: Clackamas Hood View Sports Complex, North Clackamas Park, and Reynolds. At Riverside and Scappoose, pitchers may not wear metal cleats, but all other players may.