Southeast Portland Little League

District #2 Interleague Softball Rules

These supplemental “Playing Rules” (By-laws) are designed to standardize interleague playing rules throughout the district. After many years of conflict arising from different rules utilized among the leagues, the Presidents of all leagues in Oregon District #2 adopted the following standards for play in Interleague teams. The following has also been approved by Western Region Headquarters. Play will be governed by Little League Official Rules and Regulations with the following modifications.


1. No base-on-balls (walks); batters remain at plate until the ball is hit or strikes out.

2. Teams will use coach or machine-pitch the first two innings. With pitcher development the objective, players will pitch the remaining innings. Upon delivery of ball four, the coach will finish pitching the ‘at-bat’. (Coach-pitch or the coach placing the ball in the pitching machine is a local league option.) Defensive coaches will pitch to the batters. In the event of a Hit-By-Pitch, the batter has the option to take their base or complete the “at-bat”.

3. The pitching distance for players will be sufficient to deliver the ball into the strike zone, but no less than 25’ developing up to legal distance as player’s skill progresses.

4. Runners may leave their bases only when a pitch is hit by the batter. No advance is allowed by stealing, passed balls or other misplays. Any runner between bases after a hit must stop at the next base when the ball is returned to the pitcher’s circle, with or without control.

5. Infield fly rule will not be used.

6. Five run limit for all innings.

7. No game shall continue beyond two hours of play.

8. Teams shall bat their rosters.

9. No score should be announced.

10. “Softie” balls will be used until May 15th when regulation softballs will be introduced. 


1. Player pitch; umpires should have a slightly expanded strike zone as needed.

2. Runners may advance at will on misplayed balls.

3. Five run limit, except for the sixth or last inning which will be open.

4. Ten-run rule will be in effect.

5. If a scheduled game follows, no new inning shall start after two hours of play unless the score is tied.

6. All teams will use continuous batting order, as mandated by 4.04 – note 1.


1. Five run limit for first three innings.

2. Ten-run rule is in effect.

3. If a scheduled game follows, no new inning shall start after two hours of play unless score is tied.

4. Teams shall bat a line-up or roster as prescribed by their own local league by-laws. 


1. There will be a five-run limit in the first four innings.

2. Ten-run rule is in effect.

These rules adopted by vote of all league presidents in Oregon District #2 and approved by West Region. District #2 recommends that leagues adopt a local league rule to stipulate that a line-up be used at major and above levels beginning May 15th to prepare coaches and players for tournament play.